Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buried Truths by Viola Russell

Buried Truth by Viola Russell

While shopping in a local bookstore in post-Katrina New Orleans, Heather Flanagan Kerry is startled when Sarah, a young clerk, asks her if she ever bore a son and gave him up for adoption. Sarah's husband is adopted, and the young couple would like to know his birth parents before their child is born. Now a successful professional woman, Heather denies ever having a child; however, Sarah's revelation that her husband is part-Asian sends Heather hurrying home.

Once there, she contacts Wesley Chou, now a prominent oncologist, the man with whom she had a child at seventeen. Heather and Wesley meet and share a night of passion, but they part the next day. Fate, however, draws them together when Ezra, their son, and his wife bring their infant daughter to Wesley. The child has leukemia, and Wesley contacts Heather.

One of them could be the donor to save the child's life. Together, Heather and Wesley must evaluate if they are strong enough to rekindle their love, face society's condemnation, and their own son's anger. Can their love survive the passage of time and the secrets that could destroy them.

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  1. First: the book sounds really great. that the answer?