Friday, October 9, 2009

Margie Church and her thrilling new book: Avenging Allaire

The exciting love story of Allaire West and Devon Mercer continues in the thriller, “Avenging Allaire.” The couple plans to marry and live happily ever after but everyone from Devon’s father to their pistol-packing nanny, Lucy, is conspiring against them.

Lucy plots, with the help of her lover, to take advantage of Allaire’s psychotic relapses. She’s eager to turn Allie into a mush-brained lunatic and steal Devon for herself.

Devon’s father calls in his million dollar ransom loan and Devon is forced to return to his father’s firm to repay it. It doesn’t take long for Devon to become suspicious about the revolving door of investors, brokers, and missing information.

In a shocking turn of events, Allaire’s life is in jeopardy again and Devon learns the truth behind Allaire’s kidnapping, the suspicious murders, and the business secrets. Who will survive and who will pay as Devon desperately tries to avenge Allaire. Packed with murder, white collar crime, and plenty of spice, “Avenging Allaire” lives up to the author’s penchant for SASS: Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle.

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This is one really cool book that I think men will like as well as women. I hope you like it...November 1 from Class Act Books. Cover art was done by BJ Haynes.



Romance with SASS: Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle
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  1. Looks AWESOME, Sky! You do know how to dress up a girl for the dance. Thanks to everyone at this site for helping me promote my books so well. You are all the best!